Erika Cornali Venice tourist guide

Erika Cornali

I moved from Liguria to Venice in 1999 to study at the Faculty of Oriental Languages at Ca’ Foscari University. Back then I used to spend hours trying to find my way in the calli, very often ending up in front of a canal. I’ve never gotten tired of wandering around the city, and even if I do not get lost anymore, I still find things that amaze me among the familiar bridges and palazzi. My major was Japanese language and art, and my first job was as a cataloguer in the Oriental Art Museum in Venice. My interest in modern art then led me to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, where I was in charge of special events.

In 2009 I decided to deepen my knowledge of Venice, its art and its history by becoming a registered guide. Ever since, I’ve enjoyed sharing my passion for the city with people from all over the world who are eager to understand its beauty and fascinating lifestyle.

Spoken languages: English, Italian, Japanese

Matteo Gabbrielli

I’ve always defined myself as a “citizen of the world” because I have been traveling since I was born. My father’s job took our family to Sicily, Iraq, Australia and the Middle East. As my mother’s love for history made me conscious of what I saw around me everywhere we went, I grew up curious. After getting my degree in Archaeology with a specialization in Islamic Archeology from Ca’ Foscary University in Venice, I continued my travels by working on research and restoration projects both in Italy and Egypt. During this first career, Venice remained my home base. I then combined my interest in archaeology and history with my love for this city and became a registered guide in 2009.

I like this job because it gives me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of Venice and to exchange ideas and impressions of travels.

Spoken languages: English, Italian, Spanish

Matteo Gabbrielli, tourist guide in Venice


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