Venice was the capital of an independent state for almost a thousand years: its rulers used their power and wealth to increase the city’s prestige. In this itinerary you will visit two of the most important buildings in Venice: the basilica of San Marco, which, with the splendor if its gleaming mosaics, was the symbol of Venetian power; and the Doge’s palace, which was the center of old Venetian political life. We will also describe the magnificent buildings around the square before taking a break in one of the oldest cafés in Italy.

Notes: Possible delays in case of acqua alta (high water). Saint Mark’s basilica is closed on Sunday mornings and on public holidays.

Secret Itineraries Tour: Visits to the intelligence bureaus, the torture room and the prison of Giacomo Casanova can be included in the tour, but must be booked well in advance.

Main sites

  • St. Mark’s Basilica
  • Doge’s Palace
  • Rialto bridge


  • 3 hours

Additional costs

  • Entrance to Doge’s Palace.
  • Priority entrance to the basilica: this service takes place between April and October and saves you from waiting in long lines.