If you want to discover the quieter side of Venice, let us show you around the most authentic local neighborhoods in the city.
Head off to Giudecca to find hidden gardens and contemporary architecture, stroll around the neighborhood of Dorsoduro between the iconic Salute Church and ancient gondola boatyards, visit Cannaregio to hear the story of the Palace of the Camel and see the impressive Scuola Grande della Misericordia, or explore Castello with the Arsenale and the Church of San Pietro and maybe even shop for fresh fruit at a greengrocer’s on a boat!
We will tailor the itinerary to suit your interests, mixing together a glimpse of Venetian life today, visits to artisans’ workshops, and some of the hidden jewels of Venice to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Main sites

  • Giudecca island: Church of the Redentore, Fortuny showroom, Villa Hériot
  • Dorsoduro neighborhood: Church of Santa Maria della Salute, Squero di San Trovaso, Campo Santa Margherita, Ca’ Foscari
  • Cannaregio neighborhood: Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Scuola Grande della Misericordia, house of Jacopo Tintoretto, Church of the Madonna dell’Orto
  • Castello neighborhood: Arsenale, Church of San Pietro di Castello, Church of San Francesco della Vigna, Orthodox Church of San Giorgio dei Greci, Via Garibaldi and Giardini


  • 3 hours

Additional costs

  • entrance tickets when required
  • waterbus ticket when visiting the Giudecca island