Fireworks during the Redentore Festival, Venice

Venice through Our Eyes

Millions of tourists visit Venice every year, but not many of them really grasp its unique charm.
If you think you deserve something more than the crowds, if you want to satisfy your curiosity, then we are here to guide you into a deeper travel experience.

Why us?

We are both official tour guides and Venetian residents: this city is our daily life, but also a never-ending adventure.
Through our tours and this blog we aim to provide a picture of Venice that goes beyond the bridges-and-canals thing.


Lingering on the details.
You don’t need to travel so far just to see Venice, plenty of photos portray her beauty!
Traveling is the pleasure of discovering, of finding hidden treasures that will remain in your memories.
We love that too, and we have learnt that there is a story to unveil in every single piece of marble, in the name of every alley, in the shape of every arch.
A closer look: that is where an expert guide can lead you.

mosaic, king david, prophet, saint mark's basilica, gold
Mosaic depicting King David in Saint Mark’s Basilica.

History comes alive.
We believe that to get a full understanding of a place it is important to look both at the present and at the past. From the museum to the local bakery, we are part of the centuries-old history of Venice, and this is the feeling we want to share with visitors. A glass of wine tastes different if you can see where the Doge would have sipped it, and a painting by Titian feels more alive when the food depicted in it also appears on your table.

bussolà, Venice, Titian, biscuit, dog, Accademia Galleries
Detail from “The Presentation of the Virgin Mary” by Titian (1538) in the Accademia Galleries, and some modern bussolà.

Keep the flow.
Many things in Venice never change. But many others do, and repeat visitors won’t be disappointed. Festivals, special exhibitions, contemporary art: one of the purposes of our blog and Facebook page is to keep you updated with the events taking place in town.
And, wheninvenice, we will be ready to show you a new city every time you come!

Venice, Redentore, festival, fireworks, boats
Fireworks at the 2015 Redentore festival in Venice

We want to make you impatient to arrive and eager to come back when you leave!