Do what Venetians do

Getting Around

Walking is the best way to experience Venice. So, wear comfortable shoes, keep to the right side in narrow calli, and do not stop on bridges.
You can also take the vaporetto: buy tickets or passes at the boarding station, remember to swipe them, be ready to get on and off, and do not stop in the middle of the deck.
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Acqua alta

Remember that flooding water is salty and filthy, so wear waterproof boots or walk on the raised platforms. When walking on a crowded platform, do not stop abruptly or try to take pictures: you’ll block everyone behind you!
You can check when the peak of the flooding will be at Tide Centre.

Saint Mark’s Basilica

Backpacks are not allowed: you must leave your backpack here before entering.
Shoulders and legs must be covered.
Pictures are not allowed inside the church.

Other Useful Tips

Venice is a fragile city visited by 22 million people each year: please act respectfully.
It is illegal to feed the pigeons.
You can find public toilets near St. Mark’s Square and near Rialto Bridge: the cost is € 1.5. Restrooms inside cafés are for customers only.
It’s forbidden to sit on monuments and picnic on the ground or on the steps of buildings and bridges: if you need a break you can enter a café or sit on the benches you find in many campi.
You can drink the water from public fountains, it is safe and delicious.


Illustrations by Francesco Gasparotto.